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Let’s make some money together! Over 30 years in the industry myself. I really do all kinds of things that help me make a honest and moral living. I sell premium domains, provide owner proxy services for privacy, build websites, do remote trouble shooting, build and maintain networks, internet issues, viruses, personalized private after hours IT security checks and backups available, I purchase and flip low income websites, Website Investments, purchases and contracts. Healthcare Information Services Consultant, Remote Desktop Support Services, Staff Augmentation, Healthcare Device Disposal, SEO, Custom Intranet document control websites, Social Networking and Fundraising Websites. Corporate & Personal Complete Privacy. I’ve mostly done a lot of Microsoft Servers, Desktops, Email Servers, Streaming Media Servers, Ubuntu Servers, Apache 2, PhP, Perl, GD, Boonex Dolphin 5-7.* and a lot of WordPress work since their beginning. I have also done command line OS’s, Microsoft DOS 3.0+ Ubuntu Linux 4+. If I don’t know how to do it, then I will find out how or find someone who can.  I never give up. I’ve been a mentor to young people for over 25 years now and all of my students are doing very well for themselves to this day, and I am very proud of them. (One day they will thank me. lol). I have a good sense of humor and I am a very patient person especially when it comes to computer issues, I am also always told that I have a calming effect on them when they are around me.

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For more Information Visit my LinkedIn Site at: http://www.anthonylombardo.net

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My Premium Domains at located on this site. They are also on GoDaddy Sales & Auctions

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