Keywords for MP

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09.11.18 Michael Isberto Operating System News     For computer users, there is a long-lived debate over which operating system is the best: Windows or Mac OS, but in the server world, the debate adds a third competitor, Linux. Windows is an OS that most people know because it usually comes installed on pre-assembled computers. … Read moreTHE BEST OPERATING SYSTEMS

Domain list

Printable Domain List Print Domain Name Expires Create Date Status Auto-Renew Lock Afternic Listings 2/2/2019 2/2/2017 Active on on   ALLHUMANLIVESMATTER.COM 11/27/2018 11/27/2014 Active off on 9/17/2019 9/18/2017 Active off on 9/18/2019 9/18/2017 Active off on 9/15/2019   Active off on 7/21/2019 7/21/2017 Active on on … Read moreDomain list

How to enable HSTS on your server

How to enable HSTS on Apache, NGINX and Lighttpd First we will understand What is HSTS Technology? HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) is an advanced security mechanism which was developed by IEFT and intended to secure the website and users against the cookie hijacking and protocol downgrade attacks. The main function of the HSTS policy is … Read moreHow to enable HSTS on your server

Online Certifications That Are Actually Worth Getting

  13 Online Certifications That Are Actually Worth Getting   1) Google Apps Certification Cost: $100 Link To Course Description: An extremely valuable certification in the eye’s of many employers. The test consists of the user working with a real live domain and utilizing the Google Apps suite to accomplish common business tasks: this includes administering users, … Read moreOnline Certifications That Are Actually Worth Getting

Why Is the USDA Killing Hundreds of Kittens?

The internet erupted yesterday following claims that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is killing 100 kittens every year in a research program that dates back more than three decades. Now, a spokesperson for the department has come forward in defense of the program. The calls for an investigation were sparked after Rep. Mike Bishop … Read moreWhy Is the USDA Killing Hundreds of Kittens?

Cable Types and Speeds Cat 5-7

Cable Types and Speeds Selecting the appropriate category When selecting the appropriate category of cable to support your network, note that there are different grades within each category. A higher grade cable with the proper installation will allow for a higher margin of error, ensuring top performance today and an extra buffer to support future … Read moreCable Types and Speeds Cat 5-7

How to Install and Run Android O.S. on Your PC the Easy Way

    Google’s open source Android operating system has become one of the big hits in mobile technology. Many different types of handsets are appearing based on it, and it’s headed for non-phone platforms too. Android application development has also matured. Over the last few months, we have witnessed a tremendous growth of Android OS … Read moreHow to Install and Run Android O.S. on Your PC the Easy Way